It's the best place for your ideas.

Dream the biggest ideas

Dynalist lets you nest things infinitely, so nothing is too big to fit into it.

Just keep breaking it down.

Forget about limits

The free plan contains unlimited items and documents.

Don't limit your ideas; never worry about hitting that monthly limit again.

Connect the dots

Simply type [[ to link to anywhere in your Dynalist with auto-complete.

Freely reorganize

Send ideas under any item in your Dynalist. Farewell to cut-navigate-and-pasting grunt work.

It helps you get work done.

Fight procrastination

It's easier to not procrastinate if you can break tasks down to highly actionable, 5-minutes-long tasks. And that's what Dynalist is best at.

Track your tasks

Dynalist is task-aware with searchable dates and checklists. With Dynalist Pro, you can set recurring dates and even sync Dynalist dates with Google Calendar.

Access from anywhere

Available for all major platforms. Download our apps here.