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Effortlessly stay organized

Dynalist is the easiest way to be organized and stay on top of things.

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So easy you don’t realize you’re organizing

Putting down things in Dynalist is as easy as making good ol’ lists, with all the added organization goodness at no cost.

Dead simple format

If you can make a bulleted list, you can use Dynalist.

Drag and drop

You can drag and drop anything to rearrange things.

Search n’ link

Documenting connections is easy. No copy paste necessary—you don’t even need to leave where you are.

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Be on top of things

Put together your own mission control in no time. Never miss anything, and be ready for everything.


Keep track of all the important dates and never drop the ball again.

Search & Tags

Flexible search and tagging lets you bring up anything you need instantly.


Bookmark frequently visited places to get to them in a click. You can even bookmark searches.

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Never drown in information again

Seeing irrelevant stuff is both overwhelming and distracting. Dynalist lets you hide them so you can keep your eyes on the road.


When you zoom in, everything else is hidden—basically the full screen mode for you brain.


Easily hide the details when you’re working on the big picture stuff.

What our users are saying

Scott Jenson
Scott JensonProject Lead, Google
Dynalist is one of those rare products thatI use literally everyday.Not only is it a great product but the team is open to feedback and quick to respond.
Christian A. Garcia
Christian A. GarciaEntrepreneur
The very best outliner, improving at light speed. Dynalist has becomethe most important toolof my organizational life.
DA Southern
DA SouthernAuthor & Coach
As an author and coach, and with the amount of info I must keep at my disposal, Dynalist has become my go‑to resource for every aspect of my life. It’s like my morning cup of coffee,I just simply can’t get along without it.
Armando de Miguel
Armando de MiguelProfessor & Magician
I’m a writer, professor, and magician who also runs a magic shop. You can imagine that I need a lot of thinking and organization to get all this things done properly.Dynalist is my lifesaver.

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