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Everything in one place. Everything in bite-size pieces.

The note-taking app for logical people.

Meet the multi-level note app

Unlike in other note-taking apps, in Dynalist the smallest units are bullet lists, rather than notes.

With infinitely nestable lists, you can organize your stuff in the most logical way, and work with exactly what you need.

For the doers

Track tasks and projects

Break big goals into small, actionable steps. Drill down to focus on what’s at hand.

When juggling multiple projects, you can see the big picture while having all the details at your fingertips. Work alone or with your team.

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For the scholars

Organize notes and research

Get all your notes and research together in one place, in the most organized way imaginable.

In addition to hierarchical structures, it's also brilliantly simple to make references to other notes.

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Dynalist is one of those rare products that I use literally everyday.
Scott JensonProject Lead, Google
Dynalist has become the most important tool of my organizational life.
Christian A. GarciaEntrepreneur
Dynalist is like my morning cup of coffee, I just simply can’t get along without it.
DA SouthernAuthor & Coach
Dynalist is my lifesaver.
Armando de MiguelProfessor & Magician

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