This page only includes major features and changes. We also post monthly updates about smaller changes.

To vote for the features you want, check out our public Trello roadmap. To suggest new features, start a topic on our forum.

June 2020
New option to show links to an item, both next to the bullet and underneath it.
New free theme: Dark Gold
May 2020
Customize shared document
Choose whether to show items as expanded or collapsed, choose theme, and choose whether to display images inline.
April 2020
Word count
See count of words and items under the current item.
Per-document RTL layout
Drag item into document
Auto-detect dark mode
March 2020
RTL layout
Better writing experience for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, and Sindhi.
One-click copy for code blocks
Keymap search
February 2020
Date range
Define and search for date ranges.
Checkbox revamp
Now you can toggle checkbox individually for each item.
Mobile sync improvements
Better support for all day events
"Now" time option in date picker
January 2020
Email to Dynalist (Pro)
Capture stuff into your Dynalist inbox via email.
Show all references of an item
"[X]" prefix for completed tasks on Google Calendar
"ancestor:" search operator
January 2020
Email to Dynalist (Pro)
Capture stuff into your Dynalist inbox via email.
Show all references of an item
"[X]" prefix for completed tasks on Google Calendar
"ancestor:" search operator
December 2019
Multi-line code blocks
Auto-detect language and adapts to light and dark theme.
Case insensitive tags
November 2019
Search and replace
Bulk replace text or tag in a document.
Ctrl+K to insert link
October 2019
Custom mobile toolbar (Pro)
Access extra options and rearrange mobile toolbar options.
Sort by date in note
September 2019
Archive documents
Archive documents to exclude them from search and speed up loading.
August 2019
Swipe gestures
Swipe right to complete and left to delete on mobile.
Reorder files on mobile
July 2019
File reordering improvements
June 2019
Drag item under another empty or collapsed item
Sort options for flat search
Sort item by date
"parent:" search operator
May 2019
Flat search
Display flat results without the hierarchy
Upload manager improvements
Tag autocomplete in Search Everywhere
April 2019
Tag autocomplete in document search
Tag autocomplete in inbox capture
March 2019
See your document as a mind map!
February 2019
Recurring date: update in bulk
January 2019
New free theme: Sci-Fi
New free theme: Sakura
December 2018
Recurring dates makes managing repeating tasks easy.
November 2018
Spell-checker: add words to dictionary
Spell-checker: select language to check against
October 2018
Spell-checking in desktop apps
You can see your invoices in the account page now.
"Reverse current" sorting option
September 2018
You can see your invoices in the account page now.
Customizable shortcut for unchecking all children items
August 2018
Upload files on mobile app (Pro)
Added support for x-callback-url to other apps on iOS
July 2018
Developers can now pull data from and make changes to their Dynalist.
Firefox clipper extension
Easily clip web pages and selected text to your Dynalist inbox, with customizable formats. Get it here!
New "in:title" and "in:note" search operators
June 2018
Custom CSS (Pro feature)
Add custom CSS that works on all platforms.
Fixed Up/Down keys not working in iOS app with external keyboard
Fixed keyboard jump when switching between items on the mobile app
Refreshed mobile Move dialog
Refreshed mobile Share dialog
April 2018
Chrome clipper extension
Easily clip web pages and selected text to your Dynalist inbox, with customizable formats. Get it here!
Three finger swipe to go back and forward on macOS app
"Relative" custom date format will always show relative time
March 2018
Desktop apps now use less memory
Faster expand/collapse animations
February 2018
Item finder
Jump to any item without leaving the keyboard
iOS app 1.2.0 now runs faster and consumes less memory
Refreshed setting UI
January 2018
Toggle checked items and notes for each doc
Refreshed account settings page
Customizable shortcut to go to inbox
November 2017
Version history (Pro feature)
View past changes to your document and who made them. See a screenshot here.
Sort tags
Option to sort tags alphabetically rather than by occurrences in the tag pane.
Share to inbox
With the mobile app, you can now share any text or link to your Dynalist inbox.
October 2017
iOS Slide Over support
Rename tags
Rename tags in bulk from the tag pane.
Student discount
Get 50% off if you are a student in any institution.
Revamped shortcut system to avoid conflicts
September 2017
Real-time sync
Dynalist now supports real-time sync, allowing collaborators to work together more efficiently.
Create document by directly importing from OPML
True black mode (mobile)
August 2017
Capture to inbox (Pro feature)
Set an item as inbox and capture stuff with a single shortcut from everywhere in your Dynalist.
Recently accessed documents
When no search is entered, the file finder now shows the 5 most recently accessed documents for easy switching.
Customizable productivity shortcuts
July 2017
Performance boost for huge documents
Non-adjacent selection
Collapsible sections in tag pane
June 2017
iOS app
Get it now here!
Sliding toolbar (mobile)
Open bullet and breadcrumb item in new tab
May 2017
Tag pane
The one place to see and search for all your tags.
April 2017
New searchable help center
Display created time of item
Option to unindent in-place
March 2017
Android app (public beta)
Get it now here!
Tag auto-complete from other documents
You can have the option to auto-complete tags globally rather than from the same document.
Custom date format (Pro option)
Drag document to convert to item
February 2017
Google Calendar integration (Pro feature)
Syncing dates in Dynalist to your Google Calendar. Read the announcement here.
January 2017
Color labels
Adding colors to your lists. See a screenshot here.
Move items anywhere
Allows you to move items fast and without leaving the current context.
December 2016
macOS desktop app
Linux desktop app
November 2016
Windows desktop app
Our Windows desktop app that supports offline editing.
Read mode for mobile
The keyboard will never pop up in this mode. Good for quickly checking things.
October 2016
Community forum
Discuss new features, reports bugs, and help each other out at
One tap to zoom and toggle collapsed on mobile
Option to display images inline
September 2016
Sepia theme
A theme that's easier on the eyes. See a screenshot here.
Option to use bullet to zoom
Option to highlight overdue dates in red
Alt+Click a tag to remove it
August 2016
Shortcut customization (Pro feature)
Allows customizing most in-app keyboard shortcuts.
July 2016
Date support
Allows inserting dates and filtering items by date range.
Bookmarks in file finder
Jump to any bookmark with a few keystrokes.
June 2016
File upload (Pro feature)
Drag and drop or paste a file to upload to Dynalist. The monthly quota is 1 GB.
Note teaser mode
Rather than completely hiding the note section, you can now show only the first line.
May 2016
Toggle note
Allows hiding notes when you don't need to see them.
Numbered lists
Convert normal lists to numbered lists. Good for instruction steps, recipes, and lots of other things.
Better navigation on mobile (screenshot)
Item menu bar for iOS (screenshot)
Ctrl + drag to duplicate items
April 2016
Image upload (Pro feature)
Drag and drop or paste an image to upload to Dynalist. The monthly quota is 1 GB.
Internal links
A fast way to link to anywhere in your Dynalist (screenshot)
March 2016
Documents, items, and searches can now be bookmarked. Bookmarks can be accessed in the "Bookmarks" pane on the left side.
OPML format daily backup (Pro feature)
We used to only backup a plain text version in daily backups. Now an OPML version will also be created.
Center align mode
Dyslexia friendly font
February 2016
Search everywhere
Allow searching for a keyword in all documents.
Tag autocomplete
Suggest tags from the same document so you don't have to type the whole thing. Fewer typos too.
Referral program
Help center
January 2016
Sticky zoom
Your last zoom in a document will be remembered when you switch between documents. When you come back, your last zoom will be restored.
Delete checked items in a list
December 2015
More powerful search
Search used to support only plain text. Now you can search for items that exactly match your query, items that match either one of your keywords, or items that does not contain a keyword.
Google Drive daily backup (Pro feature)
In addition to Dropbox, the daily backup feature in Dynalist Pro works for Google Drive as well.
Drag and drop to convert item to document
Load time optimize for huge documents
Limited time Christmas theme
Allow line breaks in item
November 2015
Toggle checked items
You can choose to hide your checked items and show them at any time.
Add additional details in the note section of an item like links and phone numbers.
Per document export
Supports plain text, formatted, and OPML.
One-click import from WorkFlowy
Sortable folders and documents
Last edited time
In-app notification system
October 2015
Mobile web improvements
Now you can work with an item on your phone!
Paid plan: Dynalist Pro
Only contains Dropbox daily backup for now.
Dropbox daily backup (Pro feature)
Sends a backup for your entire workspace to your Dropbox every day.
Option to hide document border
September 2015
Option to highlight current line
Customizable font size and list density
August 2015
Omniflow became Dynalist
We have new domain name and a new landing page. The switch was smooth.
Better context menu
July 2015
Any list can be converted into a checklist and checkboxes will appear before each item.
Tagging allows flexible grouping of items and fast filtering.
Turn items into headers
June 2015
Inline images
With markdown syntax, you can now insert inline images. The image can be previewed by hovering the image icon.
LaTeX support
Use $$ to surround your equations and they'll render in LaTeX.
Markdown formatting
Includes bold, italics, inline code, and named link.
Each item has their own URL
Formatting & shortcut help
Option to turn on spell checker
CJK font optimization