Full feature list

Dynalist is featureful yet simple.

Without bloating the interface, tools show up only when you need them. See for yourself in the demo; all panes can be closed for focusing on outlining and organizing.

So don't let the features scare you! They are all here to help you do your best work.

Easily group things together. Click on a tag to see all items with the same tag.
Markdown formatting
Supports rich formatting like bold, italics, named links, code, and strikethrough.
Optionally add supplementary information to an item.
Color label
Mark items with color label, great for visual thinkers.
Numbered list
Give items extra weight with three levels of headings
File attachment
Getting things done
Insert dates so it can be searched.
Google Calendar sync
Show Dynalist dates in your Google Calendar.
Built-in checklist for easy checking and making tasks explicit.
Highlight overdue items
You have the option to highlight overdue items in red so that they get your attention.
Capture to inbox
Capture whatever on your mind directly into your inbox item so you never lose them.
Bookmark documents, items, or search results for instant access.
Tag pane
View all tags at a glance.
Item mover
Instantly moving an item under another item through search, so you never have to leave where you are.
File finder
Jump to bookmarks or documents with keyboard only.
Select multiple items and apply changes in bulk.
Internal links
Press [[ to trigger item auto-completion that makes it a breeze to link to anywhere in your Dynalist.
Customize shortcuts
Customize almost all Dynalist shortcuts to help you be more productive.
Customize date format
Render dates in whatever format you prefer.
Choose from a number of free themes.
Font selection
Choose from a number of built-in fonts.
Support for Eastern-asian fonts
Supports nice display of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean characters, both serif and sans serif.
List density settings
Choose from Cozy, Comfortable, or Compact list density.
Sharing & collaboration
Public sharing
Publicly share a document via a link.
Private sharing
Privately sharing documents or folders with other Dynalist users.
Toggle checked
Choose to show or hide checked items.
Toggle notes
Choose to show, hide, or display the first line of notes.
Inline image
You have the option to display images inline rather than as a link with preview.
Highlight item being edited
Highlight current item so it is easier to focus.
Work offline with our desktop app on Windows, macOS, and Linux.
Use Dynalist on the go. Supports Slide Over and Split View.
Use Dynalist on the go.
Import & export
Import from WorkFlowy
Perfectly import all your WorkFlowy data into a single Dynalist document.
Import from OPML
Upload and import OPML as a Dynalist document.
Daily backups
Save daily backup of all your Dynalist documents to Dropbox or Google Drive.
Export to plain text, HTML, or OPML.