Frequently Asked Questions

Are you planning to do feature X?

We try our best to be open and transparent about what we're working on. We have a public roadmap on Trello where you can see our plans, request for new features, and vote for other people's suggestions.

If you want to see what we've managed to do in the past, check out our changelog or the weekly updates on our blog.

Is there an Android or an iOS app for Dynalist?

Yes! You can get them here.

Our website is also mobile-optimized, so you can use Dynalist in a mobile browser too if you'd rather not install an app.

What is a document, and why would I need it?

A document in Dynalist can be used to organize things in the same way you organize files on a computer. For example, you can use it to separate your "Todo list" from your "Favorite movies".

Some users like to have everything inside a single document, and that's totally cool as well. You might want to hide the file pane for more screen space though.

With documents, you can

  • See what you have at a glance.
  • Navigate between documents quickly using the file panel.
  • Go to any document by simply typing part of its name in document search mode (Ctrl-O). For example, you can type "home proj" to find "Home Improvement Project".
Can I save my stuff to my hard drive?

Yep! Please see this article in our help center.

How is Dynalist different from WorkFlowy?

Simply put, WorkFlowy takes a purist approach towards outliners whereas Dynalist tries to be more practical; WorkFlowy is stable and seems to be in maintenance mode, while Dynalist is in more active development and we like to try new things from time to time.

Here's a table for comparison:

WorkFlowy Dynalist
Item limit for free users 250 items/month No limit
Number of outlines allowed 1 Multiple
Markdown (images, titled links, etc) No Yes
Smallest unit you can share Item Document